The Monument Area

Always open to the public - there are signs and pamphlets within the area

In 2013 the gigantic palisade, the ship-setting and the houses built under the reign of Harold Bluetooth were marked in the lanscape. Here the mounds, the church and the two rune-stones have been visible for more than a thousand years.

The Kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth erected their runestones and built the monuments in the years from around 950 to 970 AD. A hectic period that led to fundamental changes in the Danish society.

To protect the stones from the weather, they are now placed in display cases. In the evening, lights in the ceiling are lit, which clearly displays the runes and images.

Archaeological surveys done from 2006 to 2013 have shown that the monument area was surrounded by a 1440 meter long palisade. Within the fenced area there was room for 20 football fields.

The North Mound is situated in the middle of the palisade enclosure and it is also the center of a 356 meter long ship-setting. The giant stones from this ship-setting still lie under the top-soil in the Northern end, while the rows of stone to the South are hidden beneath the South Mound.

During the excavations three houses of the Trelleborg-type were forund. On the picture to the right is a digital reconstruction of houses and the palisade.

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