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Contact information

Official inquiries
Anne-Christine Frank Larsen
Museum director and manager of Trelleborg
+45 41 20 63 90 or

Press and Marketing
Anne-Christine Frank Larsen
Museum director and head of Trelleborg
+45 41 20 63 90 or

Contact information for booking (guided tours, birthdays etc)
+45 41 20 63 93
Please expect a response time of up to a week for email inquiries.

Museum inspector
Anne Knabe Sørensen
Museum inspector
+45 41 20 63 91

Linda Wittchen

The museum shop
Judith Winther Olsen
Museum host
+45 41 20 63 99

Telephone hours:The museum and our booking only answer the phone during opening hours. When the museum is closed, questions should be directed to and

PRESS PHOTOS: You can find free press photos here, otherwise contact the museum director, Anne-Christine Larsen by email

Find your way to the Viking Fortress Trelleborg

The address:
Vikingeborgen Trelleborg
Trelleborg Allé 4, Hejninge
4200 Slagelse

By car: Press here in order to access a map, that shows you the location of the Viking Fortress

Train options: You can take the train to Slagelse st. However, from there you do need to order a flexbus or take the free bus (only limited bus hours). Contact us for more information or read further about the public transportations options under 'practical information'.

Private bus: Notice - use exit 40A and the bypass there. There's a low bridge from bypass 40B at Hejningevej.