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Viking Festival

Welcome to the Trelleborg Viking Festival

Viking Fortress Trelleborg welcomes you to the Viking Festival 2019 from Saturday 13 July to Sunday 21 July.
Opening hours will be from 10am to 5pm.

Please note: There will be an entrance fee during the Viking Festival.

Adults                            DKK 130
Children (under 18)    DKK 30

 Experience a genuine Viking market:

  • Denmarks biggest Viking market place with around 50 Trading stands, where you can buy Viking goods from skilled craftsmen
  • Breath in the scent of cook fires, watch the smiths work the bellows, or the wood carvers skills
  • Free tour of the Museum and fortress with one of our Museum guides
  • Activities for all ages in the Viking village of Slagløse. Every day from 10am to 4pm. Notice that you pay with Viking coins, which can be bought in the Museum shop.
  • Experience 1000 Vikings, all of whom are living life as it was at a market place in the Viking age
  • Free guided tours of our Viking garden by our garden guild, where you can hear about herbs from the period.
  • Watch the textile ladies work with wool and make clothing
  • The battle of Trelleborg with over 200 warriors. From the 18 -21 July. Thursday and Friday at 1pm and Saturday and Sunday at 3pm
  • Visit Cafe Trelleborg and taste delicious food inspired by Viking cooking