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The Museum of Danish Resistance


The Museum of Danish Resistance documents the resistance during the period of German occupation 1940-1945.


The Museum of Danish Resistance shall enable access for all who are interested in Denmark's history during World War Two.

1. The Museum of Danish Resistance undertakes the collection of objects, photos and records documenting the resistance campaign 1940-1945 and the occupation in general, primarily to use in the museum's research and interpretation, or objects not to be kept by other institutions.

2. The museum's most important individual task is maintenance, making accessible and renewal of its permanent exhibition.

3. The museum seeks through its research contributions to occupy a position in Danish, and if possible international, research circles focused upon the history of World War Two.

4. The museum receives and answers enquiries from the public about Denmark's history during World war Two, primarily those which fall outside the competences of the educational sector and libaries.

5. The museum seeks, in addition, to be aware of museological interest in the way in which it manages its contentious subject matter.