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Procedure of submitting treasure trove and its processing time

Proceedings at The National Museum

  1. The local museum submits the findings through Fund og Fortidsminder.
  2. The National Museum receives the submission from the local museum.
  3. When the objects have been received at The National Museum, they are counted, registered, and the case is filed.
  4. The objects are then passed on to the responsible departments of either the Collection department or the Prehistory, Medieval and Renaissance Department
  5. When the objects have been assessed, a letter will be sent from the secretariat through digital mail (E-post) issuing a reward, if the findings turn out to be treasure trove. The local museum will receive a copy of this letter.
  6. The local museum receives the objects who have been deemed non-treasure trove.

Processing time for the submission of treasure trove

The National Museum aims at a quick processing time from the finds being received at the local museum to the letter of reward.

Currently, The National Museum are receiving an extensive number of objects to be assessed, and the processing time is therefore estimated to be about 2 ½ years.

The objects are being processed in the order that they arrive unless the objects are subjected to special circumstances. These circumstances could be the use for exhibitions, or due to urgent need for conservation. It is therefore worth noting, that the objects submitted at the same date don’t necessarily get processed at the same time.

We encourage everyone to keep updated at our page, in case of changes of the average processing time.

We apologize for the currently prolonged processing time.