Historical knowledge

Every day life in the Germanic Army

An army consists of both soldiers and supply troops. The supply troops provide the army with practicals, which is necessary to keep an army keep going. The soldiers need food and drink, they must have a tent to sleep in, and their equipment must be kept in repair. If soldiers are wounded in battle, the doctors and surgeons had to be ready to treat their wounds. All in all, you have to expect at least one person from the supply troop for every soldier in an Iron Age army.

In Vimose they found more than 100 pieces of tool. There are several axes of different form and use. A forge followed the army, and their hammers, tongs and anvils where also found in Vimose along with whetstones used to sharpen knives and axes, and awls to punch holes in leather and wood. They also found two planings of wood in Vimose. They were used to make shafts of spears and arrows.

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