Historical knowledge

Roman military equipment

Beside the Scandinavian weapons, the military equipment from Vimose also contained weapons manufactured in the Roman Empire. More sword blades are fitted with Roman factory stamps. The finest Roman sword hilt is of ivory from an elephant tusk, which the Romans had access to in North Africa and through their connections to India. The Roman Empire had a large military industry, and in workshops and camps along the Roman imperial frontier (Limes) was prepared large quantities of arms. In the North, the Roman sword blades often fitted with grip fittings and scabbards from the local armourer.

Four so-called ring grip swords (having a ring at the end of the sword handle) where found in Vimose. This special sword is known from the Roman Empire in the 2nd century AD. The ring grip swords are originated among the eastern equestrian soldiers who used swords with ring grip in 1th century AD. When the Romans at that time began to recruit Eastern mercenaries for their army, this type of sword was recorded in the Roman army. The swords from Vimose may have belonged to soldiers who previously worked in Roman service.

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