Historical knowledge

How did the Huldremose woman die?

Medical analysis has shown that the woman from Huldremose received a violent cut to the right upper arm. It was previously believed that the cut to the arm was the cause of death and the woman died as a result of subsequent loss of blood. However, later examinations have not confirmed this theory and it is also possible that the injury occurred much later, perhaps during peat-digging in the bog. While the woman was alive she broke her right leg, but this break healed again before she died. Her hair was tied up with a long woollen cord, which was also wrapped around her neck several times. However, there are no marks on her throat or elsewhere, which can be interpreted as signs of strangulation. Perhaps instead the cord was of symbolic significance? Strangled people are known from other Danish bog finds. This applies to, amongst others, the bodies from Elling and Borremose, and the famous Tollund Man. Thus there are strong indications that the woman from Huldremose did not die of natural causes.

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