Historical knowledge

The sacrificial bogs – the gateway to another world

When the woman from Huldremose ended her days and was brought to a bog in Djursland more than 2000 years ago, bogs were an extremely important resource for Iron Age people. Turfs were dug there, which both were used as building material and fuel. Some bogs contained iron ore, which was a raw material that, after processing, could be made into iron. The bogs therefore had a great significance in daily life. More importantly though, bogs and water areas were also the gateway between the world of mankind and the world of the gods. Here people made sacrifices to the gods by sinking gifts into the water. These gifts were slaughtered domestic animals, clothes, shoes, jewellery, tools and pottery vessels filled with food. The offerings may have been intended to secure a good and plentiful harvest. The greatest sacrifice that people could make was that of another human being.

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