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The Danish War Museum - an introduction

Get a quick introduction to the exhibitions at the Danish War Musem.

The tour pinpoints some of the most exciting stories that have shaped Danish war history. The guide takes you through wars against the Swedish and English, the World Wars, Denmark during The Cold War and today's actions in Afghanistan, far from our borders.

The tour explores weapons and technology which at times is the difference between victory and defeat. But it also tells the tales of the people witnessing these acts of war up close.

Duration: 1 hour

Numbers: Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions there is a limit of maximum 25 participants.

During opening hours: 950 DKK plus admission.
Outside regular opening hours: 1.500 DKK plus admission.

To book a guided tour please e-mail or call us on +45 41 20 60 80.
You are also welcome to contact us if you have any special requests for a guided tour.

The Danish War Museum - an introduction