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Private Tours

Private Tours

The Danish War Museum has a range of fascinating private tours. You can see unique exhibits from the wars Denmark has participated in over the past five centuries in the exhibition Denmark at War, or follow the journey of a Danish soldier to Afghanistan in the exhibition A Distant War. We also offer a quick introduction to the exhibitions at the Danish War Musem.

To book a private tour please e-mail or call us on +45 41 20 60 80. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any special requests for a guided tour.

Get a tour through 500 years of Danish war history

Denmark at war

Book a guided tour and come along for an exciting tour through Denmark’s wars from the year 1500 onwards to today. Learn about the defeats of King Christian IV and also why Denmark had to hand over the Danish navy to England.

Get an introduction to the Danish War Museum

An introduction to the museum

Join us for a journey through the Danish War Museum’s highlights, get a closer look at Denmark’s wars through the past 500 years – among other things, you can see a torn-up Eagle IV vehicle from Afghanistan and a grenade from the Bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807.

The Swedish enemy

The Swedish enemy

On this tour, you’ll have the chance to step back to a time when the area around the Danish War Museum was a naval harbour for the warships of the Danish King. You’ll hear all about how Denmark armed itself for war with its age-old foe of Sweden.

Join us on a tour on what it has been like to be a soldier throughout history

In the Heat of the Battle

Join us on a tour on what it has been like to be a soldier throughout history – take a deep-dive into specific battles and different weapons across the ages.On this tour, our exhibitions will transport you through five centuries of Danish military history.

Take a walk through a Danish military camp in Afghanistan

A distant war

Feel the atmosphere in a Danish soldiers’ compound in Afghanistan. The guided tour will allow you to experience the war through the eyes of the Danish soldiers. The exhibition is built up from authentic objects brought home from Afghanistan.

The Danish Navy

The Danish Navy

Book a guided tour of our exhibition “Denmark’s Navy” and hear the stories about life at sea in times of peace and war, from the creation of the navy at the beginning of the 1500s onwards to today. You will hear more about famous sea battles, war tactics at sea and harsh punishment methods.

BANG! – a tour for children

BANG! – a tour for children

Join the Danish soldiers at war in the Danish War Museum’s exhibition for children. The children will learn about the soldiers’ lives from 1864 and onwards to today and about who the Danish soldiers have fought against throughout history.