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Study visit to the museum’s objects

There is a large interest in the National Museum’s collection. The number of requests to study the collections however exceeds our capacity. Resources for study visits are much scarcer than in previous years due to the significant amount of resources committed to the relocation of storage facilities.

As a result, there are four annual application rounds for study visits: 1st of January, 1st of April, 1st of August, and the 1st of October. A response to the application can be expected within one month.

Some item groupings will be unavailable for extraction for longer periods of time due to the restructuring of storage units.
The applications are prioritized based on an assessment of the extent to which the study visit can be expected to contribute new knowledge about the collections – unfortunately it is not possible to be placed on a waiting list.
Before applying, we recommend that you contact the collection's relevant coordinator to specify the application. We recommend a limited number of items. Larger extractions are not possible without external grants.

Download the study visit application here.

Visit with sampling is also a possibility; please check the separate application form for more information here.

Contact for study visit

Questions and completed application form are sent to the collection coordinator in charge of the specific collection from which the objects come: