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Vikings - Warriors From The Sea

The fascinating world of the Vikings is presented in the National Museum's international traveling exhibition 'Vikings - warriors from the sea'. Using more than 700 objects from the National Museum´s collections, the exhibition tells the story about the Vikings at home and abroad - about their conquests, plundering, trade and colonization far out in the world - and about their everyday lives in the Nordic region.

Qanga - Illustrated Past

Qanga - Tegnet fortid / Qanga - Illustrated Paster is an exhibition in sound and images about the people and culture in the Arctic through 4.500 years. It simultaneously offers an insight into the exceptional universe of Greenlandic artist and storytelller Nuka K. Godtfredsens, supported by the music created by Kristian B. Harting and R. Bjørst. The exhibition is in Danish.

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