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Borrowing from the National Museum’s collections

The National Museum willingly and extensively makes objects from its collections available for exhibitions and research at museums in Denmark and abroad. The lending activities are an impotant part of The National Museum’s presentation of its collections.

Who may borrow?
As a rule, the National Museum only lends out objects to recognized museums and similar institutions in Denmark and abroad.
Term: 6 months

In order to ensure efficient planning of the lending activities, and to ensure all potential borrowers fair, consistent and correct caseworking, a loan application with a list of objects must be received by the National Museum no later than 6 months before the term of the loan is to begin. For loan applications that are complex or involve many objects the processing time may exceed 6 months.

What is the procedure in a loan case?
A loan begins with a loan application.

See the loan case step by step

What does it cost?
The National Museum lends out its objects free of charge. However, the lender must cover the direct costs of the loan, i.e. transport (including packing materials), insurance, necessary conser-vation work etc.
Read more about costs etc.

Forms and contracts

Any loan case involves the following documents. They will be sent in the course of the loan case, but for information purposes can also be obtained here.

• The National Museum’s loan conditions, stating the general conditions for loans.

• The National Museum’s insurance stipulations, to be included in the insurance policy.

• Facility Report, to be completed by the borrower. The National Museum’s assessment of the security and exhibiting conditions at the exhibition locality is based on the borrower’s facility report