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In english:

Serampore and Denmark - A Living History by the Ganges, 2020. Gautam Bose.
Film in Bengali and English about the history and heritage buildings of Serampore.

Serampore Denmark Tavern inauguration, 2018. Gautam Bose.
The Inauguration of Denmark Tavern.

Denmark Tavern second year work progress, 2018. Gautam Bose.

Celebrating the first day of work on Denmark Tavern 6 October 2015. Gautam Bose. Nationalmuseet DK.

The Danish Legacy of Serampore, 2017. Hindustan Times.
Introduction to the restoration projects and the history of Serampore.

The Danish Government House in Serampore, 2013. Nationalmuseet DK.
Film about the historic Government House in Serampore – prior to the restoration.

In danish:

Denmark by the Ganges.
Poetic documentary from 2017 exploring the colonial history and heritage buildings of Serampore. Director: Nicolás Nørgaard Staffolani. 49 min.

Danish Built Heritage in Serampore, India, 2018. Realdania (a Danish philanthropic association).


'Serampore was a Forgotten Danish Colony – while it was a Colony'
Background story about Serampore written by science journalist Jon Mathorne (in Danish).

'CPH Post India 2018'
Article about Serampore and the Serampore Initiative published in the English-language magazine, Copenhagen Post.

'Serampore - Frederiksnagore – a Danish Colony 1755-1845'
Article about Serampore as a trading centre for saltpetre and its significance for the European powder production (in Danish).

Foto: Britt Lindemann