Holmen and the Mast Crane


Holmen is one of Copenhagen's most unique historical areas, where the old mixes with the new to tell the story of 300 years of naval history in the capital city of Denmark.

The Mast Crane

The crane itself was built in 1749 using solid timber. The architect was Philip de Lange, who managed to build numerous buildings for the navy during his lifetime, many of which are still standing today. Today the crane, together with the frigate Jylland, is one of the few remnants of the masterly skills of the craftsmen of Holmen.

The crane operated in an era before modern motors, when everything was done by 'hand and might'. On both sides of the crane are the capstans the men of Holmen turned with their bare hands to crank the winch.

Holmen is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. You can take a stroll and enjoy looking at the buildings or the landmark mast crane.

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