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Instrument Drawings for Download
Alto recorder by Johann Pörschmann, drawn by Ture Bergstrøm

Instrument Drawings for Download

The following technical drawings of musical instruments are for free download:

Orpharion, Francis Palmer 1617, Inv.No. CL139

- Drawing by Darryl Martin 2007 (pdf-file 2 MB)

- Drawing Comments by Darryl Martin 2007 (pdf-file 938 KB)


Alto Recorder, Johann Pörschmann, Leipzig, 1st half of the 18th Century, Inv.No. CL417

- Drawing by Ture Bergstrøm 1997 (pdf-file 76 KB)


Alto Recorder, Jacob Denner, beg. of the 18th Century, Inv.No. E 33

- Drawing by F.G. Morgan 1980 (pdf-file 3 MB)

- Measurings by Ture Bergstrøm 2007 (pdf-file 19 KB)


Soprano/sopranino recorder, unknown maker, 2nd half of the 17th Century, Inv.No. 2009-3

- Drawing by Ture Bergstrøm 1999 (pdf-file 40 KB)


Alto Recorder, Carlo Palanca, Turin (ca. 1689-1783), Inv.No. E 86

- Drawing by Ture Bergstrøm 2013


Bible regal, unknown maker, ca. 1600, Inv.No. CL 596

- Drawing by Ture Bergstrøm 1969-72/2015


Descant lute, unknown maker, 16th century, probably Italy, Inv.No X 50

- Drawing by David Van Edwards 1991 (pdf-file 98 KB)


Lute (Zweikragenlaute), Sixtus Rauwolf, 1598, Augsburg, Inv.Nr. CL 93

- Drawing by Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet 2020 (pdf-file 2,25 MB)


Ivory flute, signed A. Grenser, 18th century, Inv.No. E 142

- Drawing by Ture Bergstrøm and Bo Karberg 2021 (pdf-file 627 KB)

- Article by Mogens Friis 2022 (pdf-file 5,5 MB)