Stories of Denmark (1660-2000)

The exhibition “Stories of Denmark (1660-2000)” opened in 2001. It is the final section of the chronological exhibition of the National Museum’s Danish collections. Visitors can therefore follow the long story, from the first cultural traces in the area that would become Denmark, right up until the present day.

The exhibition is divided up into three main chronological sections: Under the absolute monarchy 1660-1848, People and nation 1848-1915 and Welfare state 1915-2000. Using more than 5000 objects, exhibited in 37 rooms, the exhibition informs us about these 340 years of Denmark’s history. The country changed significantly during this period, from a great European power controlling the entrance to the Baltic, into a small nation that had to find its place as an alliance partner amongst many countries.

The period from the introduction of the absolute monarchy up until today’s welfare state has been characterised by continuity, but also by change. The story is not just one long account of progression – hence the title of exhibition: Stories of Denmark.  There is not just one story of Denmark, but many. 

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