The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals exhibition is currently closed due to renovation work. We will open again as soon as possible, but are unfortunately unable to say exactly when this will be. We would like to apologise for the lack of access to the exhibition and hope for the public’s understanding. 

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals at the National Museum consists of over half a million objects. It is Denmark’s main collection of money, medals and other objects relating to payment from all over the world. The collection of Danish money is most comprehensive that can be found anywhere in the world. The permanent exhibition in rooms 141-147 at the National Museum displays a selection of the collection’s objects.

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals also undertakes treasure trove (“danefæ”) assessment of all coins found in Danish soil and has responsibility for the subsequent storage of the objects. The first danefæ rules originate from 1241, when Codex Holmiensis stated that all ownerless precious metal found in the ground belonged to the king. As early as 1752 a notice clearly referred to coins as danefæ.

The collection has received examples of all coins and medals struck by the Royal Mint since the 18th century. This means that today the National Museum possesses a complete collection of Danish coins dating from the 18th century until the present.




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